Who we are. HALAL SERVICE - HS. Religious and cultural competence, personalized services, reliability and assistance.


Halal Service - HS: The first and only Halal Partner, in Italy and in Europe, that operates at 360° in the Halal Tourism and Catering sectors (Certified Halal from one of the most important European Institutions and accredited worldwide)


Halal Service - HS: a dynamic team which offers professional contents of absolute depth: in training, development and implementation of Halal Quality Systems to a solid understanding of the Halal Tourism market.


Halal Service - HS: a bouquet of unique Turnkey Halal services for:


  • Turnkey Features and Performance: Arrange the modes of provide Halal Services, all operations is exclusively the task of Halal Service - HS. It is therefore not necessary that the Customer Structure is internally endowed with extra permanent staff or with extra permanent suppliers.


  • Amplitude of the covered sectors: We provide all the most important services for Halal Customers and Consumers, Services constantly verified and updated


  • Religious and cultural competence: Experienced and competent staff of the many facets dictated by the traditions and cultures from the origin of Halal Customers and Consumers.


  • Customized Features and Performance: To satisfy the specific needs of each specific customer and allow targeted use and economically more advantageous of the agreed Turnkey Halal services.


  • Reliability and assistance: Each service is implemented in the established and agreed times, with continuous support to our customers


  • Delivered quality = Perceived quality: The Result of a strict and constant attention to feedback from our customers.


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