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Finally, Turnkey Halal Services Of Top Quality; a complete, reliable and timely response, that satisfy all needs of Halal Customers and Consumers.

Halal Service - HS: the first and only Partner, in Italy and in Europe (certified Halal from one of the most important European Institutions and accredited worldwide) that operates at 360° in the Halal Tourism and Catering sectors, with a dynamic team, and innovative turnkey of top quality proposals in Halal services.

We made available to you our knowledge in the Halal universe as it is actually our cultural and religious heritage, so that you will count on real qualified experts in order to receive Halal customers and Consumers.

Halal universe is attracting Halal Consumers (even non-Muslims) who share Halal precepts

Halal Service - HS: a range of dedicated and personalized turnkey Halal Services of top quality for every needs.


Hôtellerie Operators: We alongside supporting you with competence and seriousness in satisfying, with Certified Halal Quality, needs and expectations of Halal Customers and Consumers.

Halal Customers and Consumers: to see fulfilled your needs and expectations, just, ask the performance of Halal Service - HS, to the accommodation facilities.


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Halal Service - HS

Turnkey Halal Services Of Top Quality

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